Teaser for dark synthwave artist 'NightStalker'



3D JAPAN 'soon'.jpg

Osaka 2017
Free work.

Motion Graphics & sound design for Red Bull.

U r e c u l t - Event planning, design & copy

German 80s synthwave compilation - Work in progress

Steele Justice - Neonlight Blues. Cd & 12" design.

Steele Justice - Neonlight Blues. Cd & 12" design (alternate edition).

Color grading & post production for Compact Disc Dummies

NIGHTSTALKER - Destructron 2164. free work

NightsStalker - 'Destructron 2164' Taken from the full length 'Elysium' to be remastered & released on both vinyl as cassette this Fall (2017).

NightStalker   cassette release.

NightStalker cassette release.

NightStalker   shirt design

NightStalker shirt design

Teaching myself 3D.

Free animation & sound design. C4D & After FX. Music by NightStalker.

Herfst 'Towards Haunted Shores' design & AD of digipak with hotstamp printing.

Urecult (anagram of culture).

Free work. Teaser & small part of conceptual installation project at college.
Graduated with honors.